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About Greg Sommerhof

Greg Sommerhof is the name behind LUX Building Group. Greg has built more than 500 custom homes over the past 30 years. He loves and appreciates every customer. He has also learned a thing or two over that time.

Greg is a carpenter. He went to the University of Missouri. He started in his early 20’s. Built his first house in 1986. He’s always had a passion for carpentry work. Sit and talk with Greg for five minutes and he will tell you he loves everything about the trade. He loves the way it smells and feels. Even today, if he could support his family he would turn on his music and just build mantles and bookcases.

Greg had incredible teachers show him the craft. That’s exactly what this is to Greg – a craft. He pours his heart and soul into every project like he and his family are moving in when finished.

“I was a trim carpenter, my business grew, I became a business man through the school of hard knocks. Now I have the equivalent of a Harvard education – not just in building, but in finance and everything involved in building and selling amazing homes. I am at a stage in my career where I want to take all of my skills and back it up and say, we are just going to build Greg houses. Hopefully you like Greg houses. A lot of thought and preparation goes into every LUX Building Group design.

“When I used to build a model home I would have clients fall in love with it. They would say ‘this home is perfect’. ‘This is us’. ‘I can see myself here for the rest of my life’. ‘Build us a house just like this one’.

“Then they would have us build them something completely different. Always for more money and frankly it never looks or feels the same as the model home! Why? They take over the process. Their emotions are real and personal, but almost every time, that emotion sends the project well over budget. The homeowner may like the finished product, but they won’t be in love with the home.

 “I created LUX as a way to recreate myself. I love everything about this business. I love the way it feels, the way it smells and I even love the problems it creates!

“Moving forward all of my homes will be masterpieces! They will be perfect and available for purchase when finished. Every home will not be for everyone but every home will be admired by everyone. If you are in the market checkout one of my move in ready masterpieces! Who knows? It may just be the perfect Move In Ready Home for you and your family. My goal is for a few of you to avoid the custom home process and end up owning a masterpiece by LUX.”

Behind LUX Move In Ready Dream Homes is a veteran carpenter and craftsman. Greg Sommerhof has been building luxury homes in St. Louis for 30 years. He is immersed in the business and enthusiastic about every detail.

“Something I’ve always been passionate about is design,” Greg says. Since building his first home in 1986, Greg’s name has become synonymous with service, quality, and exquisite homes in the St. Louis area. Today, he heads LUX Move In Ready Dream Homes as a delightful alternative to custom building. And this is his one passion.
“I travel the country looking at products. I talk to architects. I spend time with designers. I love everything about the business.”

Greg’s expertise and creativity are baked into the houses he crafts. LUX homes— “Greg homes”—feature amenities like you’ve never seen before, fashioned by a specialist in the business.