How It Works



No two LUX properties are alike. From lake homes to farmhouses to flats, each is uniquely fashioned for its specific location, lot, and budget. These one-of-a-kind creations provide the perfect balance of uniqueness and affordability—without the headache of the custom home building process.

Before LUX’s team of experts can go to work, we first choose a lot. Whether it be in Kirkwood, on Lafayette Square, or at the Lake of the Ozarks, we search for a valuable property with unique features. Then the creation begins.

“We invite craftsmen, architects, designers, vendors—we take those people, create a team on each house, start with a budget, and put together our design,” says Greg Sommerhof.

The result is a move-in ready dream home bursting with flavor and expertise. And because we prioritize a budget, LUX homes boast extraordinary luxury at surprising prices.

“Anybody can take $5,000,000 and make something look great,” Greg says, “but to take $500,000 and make it look spectacular—that’s where the real talent is at.”