Two Design Tips

Two Design Tips


Two Design Tips

So you are having your first home built and your builder tells you he needs your selections in 30 days. You have spent your whole life dreaming of this moment and it suddenly seems overwhelming.

I always ask my clients if they have thought of hiring an interior designer. Most have not and most do not. Having said that I do encourage it. I will do a blog on hiring a designer soon. I will tell you now it’s not inexpensive but the benefits are big. Your home will look great and most importantly you will enjoy the experience.

Now you have decided to go it alone like most home buyers. I encourage my clients to do 2 things before they go on this journey.

1. Have a Theme

2. Create a color pallet

Seems so simple. What seems to happen is we are distracted by new and shiny things. We drift away from our theme and our pallet because it is just and idea and not a plan.

As for as the Theme goes, let’s say you are in love with the farm house craze. Well that could mean a lot of things. Modern farm house, industrial farm house, early American farm house…. and on and on. This is important. Refine your theme to a narrow scope. There will be thousands of choices in a narrow scope. If you take a broad approach you will get off track. When making all selections open your binder or phone and double check its appropriate to fit within your theme and it’s not just a pretty thing that captures you in that moment.

Before making your visits to vendors create a color pallet. Start by choosing 4 or 5 colors that go beautifully together and align with your theme. You can get small sample sizes of paints that you can roll on a wall to assure you are going to love it. When making selection be sure to reflect on your color pallet and that they go well with each other.

For me a part of my color pallet are textures. Included in my color pallet are texture that work with my theme. Wood, iron, stain, marble, egg shell or all textures that I may enjoy. I make a note that I need these textures incorporated in my home.

I find investing the time in these two things before I start the process makes for a more put together home and a more enjoyable process.

Good Luck!