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About Lux Dream Homes

If someone has $5 million they can make a house look great, especially if you hire a designer. At LUX, we pour our heart and soul into these projects trying to get the best value, deliver the best product with design and cutting edge things at a fraction of the price of your traditional custom build.

There are so many different ways to hang beams. If you hang them one way, it’s going to cost $14,000, you hang them in another way, it’s going to cost $2,000. And then you look at it and say, “Does anybody even recognize the difference?” Probably not. They don’t recognize it. At LUX we say let’s do the $2,000 method and put the other $12,000 somewhere else in the house – maybe a better hood in the kitchen and better light fixtures in the bedrooms. When finished, people will come in and look at a LUX Move In Ready Dream Home and think it is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen.

Before you go build a luxury home you should come look at a LUX Move In Ready Home. If it fits the budget and the location – we have a feeling you are going to love the house. Because, what LUX can do with your budget, the way we plan it, think through it and all the materials we use, it is night and day from going through the year-long custom process with another builder.

At LUX Move In Ready Homes building your dream home is our sole focus. Our goal is to take our LUX brand and when people see the LUX sign, they think, “Oh, that’s one of THOSE houses!”